Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mohalian Da Mohalla

Upon my request , our host sought some facts about of Mohlian Mohalla inside Suttar Mandi of old city lahore.They came out with following report, which is more less same as given in Wikipedia
The origins of the original Lahore may be as early as 2,000 B.C.E. Lahore had many names throughout its history. Mohallah Maulian (मोहल्लाह मौलियन ) represents one of the two most probable sites of the original Lahore। The other, Suttar Mandi (the yarn market) inside Lohari Gate, had been called Mohallah Chaileywala Hammam located in Machli Hatta Gulzar, just off Chowk Chalka, Lahore's original red-light area.
Maybe our ancestors became known as Mohla instead of Misr(which was generic name for brahmans) due to their dominance of this area (मोहल्लाह मौलियन ) especially on their return from Para Chinar along with Raja Ranjit Singh. It is alleged by present Lahoris that during his regime Hindus and Sikhs dominated the city. They hardly built new structures instead, ravaged and destroyed several mosques and monuments of the old fort . They further believe that some of these establishments were used as Horse stable ( अस्तबल ).Quite possible, as all powerful Kings of those days were known for religious fanaticism or intolerance.
We know Our Greatest Grandfather Madho ramji was credited to have constructed a shivam temple hence earned the title or name of Mohla. It is pure conjecture and anybody's guess.It's for sure that Mohallah Maulian or Mohla Mohalla are one and the same; and that , a very old settlement of LAHORE.

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  1. I received a mail today from Prem Uncle. It is being reproduced here.
    "Thanks for telling me that my Baoji's statement was a lie. Baoji lived with his grandfather Pt. Madho Ram Mohla in Lahore and that's why, "It is pure conjecture and anybody's guess" is a good ststement..."

    I think my statement has hurt my elders sentiment and surely it deserves the back lash my beloved uncle Prem Mohlajee has given me. I do not deserve to be writing on this subject anymore. As my english is atrocious. My meaning "It is pure conjecture and anybody's guess" was referring to the title of Mohla being confered after Madho ramji consecrated a shivalaya and not to call it "pure conjecture or anybody's guess" or doubt the veracity of fact that Madhoramji constructed shivam temple in Mohlian Mohalla. If Prem Uncle has stated that Madhoram ji constructed the shivam temple who am i to contest? I am very dejected to day that i hurt someone whom i loved and respected all my life.
    Sorry Uncle, your nephew has deceived so i bow out of this blog from today.